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SAF Office Gemünden
Zehnmorgenstraße 9
D-97737 Gemünden am Main

SAF Office Brüssel
Kruisstraat 41
B-3078 Everberg

Mail: verwaltung@hesser-solution.com
Fon 0049 (0)0172 1723102
0049 (0)9351 600 187

Mail: axsc@outlook.com
Fon 0032 (0)2767 0653
Fax 0049 (0)9351 600187

SAF is a globally operating, specialised service provider to the armed forces and industry. We consider ourselves to be generalist service providers. Our advice and work is always provided with the utmost discretion.
Our client and customer base includes public authorities, the military, police, government offices, public institutions, small, medium-sized and large industry clients in Germany and throughout Europe.
Our approach and fields of work are just as multifaceted as the challenges encountered by management at those various organisations. We focus on issues in the fields of distribution, procurement, added value (production) and sales. Formulating strategy and setting up organisations (including restructuring) and quality management and generation of new business (including trading business) constitute the majority of our work. Further main fields of activity are projects in the realm of NATO requirements (AQAP Standards), public pricing law, and documentation/compliance work for public authorities on military and public-sector contracts.
In terms of structure and main focus, we adapt our work to changing trends in the economic environment and challenges arising in business and public administration. We are able to continuously adapt to new customer requirements thanks to our own, solid experience in (management) theory and (management) practice and thanks to our highly motivated and qualified staff, who keep a finger on the pulse of the economy, the needs of the military and public authorities.

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